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Wellbeing at work: The need to bring about real, lasting change via a strategic approach

Laura Hunt

COVID-19 has made the corporate approach to wellbeing even more crucial. With more people working from home or in a hybrid way, it can be more difficult to find a unified approach, according to a new study on wellbeing conducted by Forty1, the employee experience division of The Creative Engagement Group (TCEG).

The latest report – which was led by Laura Hunt and Richelle Feigin – created a safe place to discuss workplace cultures, mental health, employee experience, and existing wellbeing challenges. Forty1 hosted a selection of cross-industry professionals from leadership, HR and communications to join an online conversation on wellbeing.

The term ‘wellbeing’ encompasses our physical, mental, financial, and social health. When we think about wellbeing in the workplace, we need a balance of these factors to achieve success. When we asked our ThinkTank participants to define wellbeing in a word or two, three phrases recurred—“balance,” “health” (mental & physical), and “contentment.” This supports the concept that seeking balance is fundamental to achieving a sense of wellbeing. This is particularly pertinent to hybrid working and the blurring of boundaries between home and work. Wellbeing is a very personal concept. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t meet the needs of all employees within an organization.

The report is structured around four key principles: wellbeing belongs to all, the health of your business depends upon the health of your people, wellbeing is integral to the employee experience and wellbeing is more than words. These principles were devised after considering our collective experiences internally and with clients.

Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, we want you to progress. In reading this report, you’ll have been able to identify echoes of your own organization’s wellbeing journey. We’ll hopefully have given you insights and ideas on how to continue onward. You may also be realising that you need help or advice listening to your own people, educating leaders, or evaluating the employee experience as a whole. We know it’s one thing to understand and be motivated to change—but another to make it happen. We offer a variety of services to help you create bespoke plans that acknowledge the specific needs of your business. This could be a diagnostic session that assesses wellbeing within your organization, or support with bringing existing strategies to life in an authentic way that connects to your business, employees, and society. Get in touch with Laura or Richelle to find out more.

Download Forty1’s new wellbeing report here https://info.forty1.com/download-wellbeing-report