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Shaping consistent and compelling employee experiences, fit for the modern world, that answer the questions ‘why join’ and ‘why stay


Our relationship with our employers have changed significantly. Employees have vocalized what matters: flexible work, job security, fair compensation, support for wellbeing, and a greater sense of purpose in their work.  And employers need to work hard to attract, retain, motivate, and inspire the workforce their business needs to thrive.


That’s why the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has never mattered more. In the modern world of work, your EVP must be more than a recruitment marketing campaign or a good-looking website. It must become the go-to tool leaders use to shape consistent and compelling experiences for candidates and employees. For organizations with a large and diverse workforce, a “one-size-fits-all” employee proposition is just not going to work.


Today’s best EVPs need to be grounded in a common truth, but flexible enough to connect with needs of a diverse audience.

Experiential EVP.

We believe an EVP must be seen, heard and experienced – a people-centered promise that’s brought to life through regular, inspiring, immersive experiences that enable people to be happier, more engaged, more connected and more fulfilled at work.


It must be designed to help organizations revitalize their employee and candidate experience so they can become a true magnet for talent. For us, an EVP is an articulated proposition that’s augmented by our experiential design principles to ensure the promise becomes an everyday reality.


With the right ingredients in place, we can deliver an experiential EVP that becomes a powerful business tool, one that’s designed to enable:

  • Talent attraction teams to deliver authentic and distinctive candidate experiences that stand out from the crowd
  • HR Teams to shape the experiences that define the key “moments of truth” on the employee journey
  • Communications teams to deliver clear, compelling and consistent brand experiences that resonate with candidates and employees

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