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Human to human listening, enabling conversation co-creation and rich insights



Across many organizations, many internal initiatives and communications don’t deliver the expected results. A lack of meaningful employee insight and involvement is often the foundational problem.


In a world where your people expect to be listened to, it’s becoming an ever-more critical part of their employee experience – and your success – to do just that. Listen.


Our Approach.


We have a proven specialist approach to building meaningful qualitative employee understanding and engagement.


It’s not a generic off-the-shelf research offer or tech platform – but a user-friendly combination of deep expertise in research, employee comms and engagement and behavioral science, supported by smart listening technologies and tools. This provides not just accessible data, but robust actionable advice to enable more confident decision-making.


We uncover insights and create conversations that help our clients to shape their new and existing programs and initiatives to vastly improve employee engagement and adoption.



We deliver employee listening that’s gets beneath the generic employee listening surveys and delivers a hyper-focused approach, tailored to you and your audience, helping deliver insight-based solutions with deeper, longer-lasting impact.

Whether it’s getting to the nub of how we deliver communications, at the right time, in the right way, improving learning for security teams at the frontline or understanding the barriers to adopting a new strategic direction, listening is key to improving engagement, success and minimizing your risks.

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