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ACT Model

Across many organizations, there’s a desire for greater inclusivity and diversity.

The benefits of doing so are increasingly understood – and leadership is more open and vocal in its support than it’s ever been.

But bringing DEI to life authentically – enriching every step of the employee experience in a consistent way – is not easy. Busy line managers and those tasked with implementation need support. That’s why we’ve developed the ACT Model – a robust tool designed to empower those tasked with the practical application of DEI in their organizations. Bringing traditional leadership DEI training from outside the workplace to inside, to drive real impact and accountability. ACT isn’t a checklist or list of behaviors, but a companion guide to an ongoing process that helps to activate, embed and deliver DEI.

Our Act Model

Our ACT Model has 3 core commitments that we ask leadership to make to ensure DEI happens, and key actions leadership can take to make sure these commitments are upheld.

Why ACT?

We know that behavior is driven by many factors.

Through our understanding of behavior change and applied DEI, we can uncover the needs of leadership teams and support them in using the ACT Model as a tool to turn DEI commitments into action.

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