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You can’t focus on changing an organization without changing behavior

In a continually shifting and increasingly complex landscape, successful and sustainable change that puts your people at the center has never been more important. They continue to be both the biggest detractor and force multiplier to successful change.

But time and time again, leaders fail to understand how their people experience transformation. All too often relying on metrics and KPIs that consider the needs of their business, it’s essential that leaders give the same level of consideration to the needs, experience, and behavior of their people.

Without taking people into consideration, it will always be difficult to communicate change in a way that engages employees, sparks action and, ultimately, changes behavior.


Introducing the product

Data-driven insights that power a lasting change in behavior.


How does it work?

Using the power of Morphex, Forty1 can help you to diagnose, measure, and improve your change programs and communications in 5 key steps:

Why Morphex?

Morphex helps put your people at the heart of your change strategy.

With the insights from Morphex, senior leaders, internal communications experts, change specialists or anyone leading transformation in their business, will be able to engage their people more effectively through targeted communications and interventions and generate buy-in from leadership.

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