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Embrace a new era of enhanced virtual employee listening

Hillary Brown

Listening won’t solve all your problems, but it does offer a chance for your people to safely share their voice, increase their connection to the organisation and build a better employee experience.


With hybrid working becoming the norm for many, and a continuing move to borderless entities, connecting with people, and understanding employee sentiment, has never been more important.

With a rise in flexible and remote working and a heavy reliance on video platforms to connect, this has resulted in workers starting to feel they are no longer being heard and a need for organisations to work harder.


An evolved listening environment

Despite the exponential increase in digital platforms, tools and ways of working, listening to employees has evolved at a slower pace. Sixty per cent of employers have increased listening efforts during the pandemic but less than a third use formal listening approaches*. Traditional surveys or quantitative approaches still take precedence, despite criticisms that they are too infrequent to obtain accurate sentiment, too slow to get results to act upon and cumbersome for employees.


Technology x the human touch

Giving people a platform to speak, and understanding what motivates people
(and importantly, how to act upon these insights) is critical to engaging employees. When a person feels listened to they feel a greater level of satisfaction and connection to the organisation.

That’s why we’ve combined the best of technology and human psychology to source best-in-class listening tools, which, in combination with our research expertise delivers rich insights and practical recommendations in response to what the data tells us.

With a user experience comparable to the expectations of the modern world, we put our participants at ease, provide anonymity and equity in voice. Our methods have been proven time and time again to deliver in a way that resonates – no corporate jargon,
thoughtful question structuring, and no long and arduous form filling. We make it our job to understand the wider context; to design and deliver the right insights through an engaging format; and to inform your strategy.

Without a robust employee voice strategy, you risk increasing the disconnect between employer and employee.