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‘Morphex’ applies innovative Behavioural Algorithm to transform the way people experience business change

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23 March 2023

Forty1’s new behavioural science-based diagnostic tool generates personalised data-driven insights to help leaders deliver more impactful change.

Forty1, the employee experience division of The Creative Engagement Group today announced the launch of Morphex, a new diagnostic and analysis tool that combines behavioural science, change expertise and personalised data-driven insights to help leaders put their people at the centre of business change initiatives.

Morphex is a market-first diagnostic and employee analysis tool rooted in behavioural science, designed to help leaders deliver more impactful change. This people-centric approach enables change programmes to be more effective and inclusive, rather than the traditional top-down approach, used by 80% of companies*. By using the latest behavioural science techniques, it’s possible to pinpoint where people are psychologically in the change process. By deploying Morphex in new or existing change programmes, leaders can quickly build heatmaps that show where people are on their change journey, how they feel about it, and what specific barriers are preventing them from fully adopting the change.

Morphex differs from other change diagnostics through the application of an innovative behavioural algorithm that determines which specific techniques or ‘triggers’ can be used to help people adopt the change. By applying scientific rigour to the change process, leaders can design and deliver more targeted and impactful change interventions, improving their chances of making the change successful and sustainable.

By combining their deep expertise in change management with the latest behavioural science thinking, Forty1 has created a fresh, people-centred approach to traditional change initiatives that is guided by robust data to design, activate and measure lasting change.

Guy Champniss, PhD, Head of Behavioural Science at The Creative Engagement Group said: “The truth is, all organisational change programmes require some form of behaviour change, yet this piece has often been marginalised or even ignored – to the detriment of the change initiative. Morphex places a deep understanding of human behaviour – and what it takes to change it – at the core of its offer to ensure your most important asset is an active proponent of change. With behavioural insights and targeted, science-informed engagement recommendations, Morphex can work instantly and discretely across new or ongoing change initiatives. It enables leaders to be more effective, more engaging and more efficient in delivering change.”

Richard Burton, Global Managing Partner of Forty1, said: “Change is nothing new in business, but as it gets bigger, faster and more complex, employees are struggling to keep up. With Morphex, we can provide our clients with data-driven behavioural insights that allow them to design and deliver the targeted tools, training, communications, and leadership interventions they need to make change stick. We are looking forward to leveraging the power of this new tool to help our clients and partners redefine legacy approaches to digital transformation, hybrid working, organisational redesign and culture change. Our invitation to them is simple: make your change more effective and impactful by putting your people right at the centre of your approach.”