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Developing 95,000 leaders

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The challenge

Our client recognizes that to deliver on their mission to reimagine mining, they need their people to be more confident and capable leaders. To make that happen, they needed to change the way all their 95,000 people understand and do leadership at Anglo American.

The solution

Working as strategic and creative partners, using expertise across events, film and digital, we supported the Leadership Development team and their learning partners to develop insights, messaging, content, experiences and campaigns to change leadership attitudes and skills. Program include: the Leadership Academy experience for the top 1%; the Leadership Lab for a broader high-performing group of managers; and the Leadership Hub, providing leadership development experiences for anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

The impact

From a standing start, the Leadership Development offer is held in high regard by employees at Anglo American, and the profile of the Academy and Lab program ensures a steady stream of nominees. The Leadership Hub pilot program was also a great success, with 89% of the group registering and accessing the content over the course of the pilot.