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The challenge

Use the global travel lockdown in 2020 as a springboard to permanently change behaviours in a global pharmaceutical company and reduce travel for internal meetings, which accounted for 70% of travel spend.

The solution

Working with our Behavioral Science team, we surveyed the most frequent fliers to understand travel behavior, which helped us to identify our target: for employees to ‘choose travel’ when needed, instead of having international travel as the default setting. 

Our creative campaign – ‘Where we meet’ – reflected existing and emerging norms around travel, did not demonize travel, and chimed in with the autonomy of the organizational culture.

The acronym PAUSE was a reminder of the types of meetings that work well virtually, as well as encouraging people to stop and think about their decision. Badges gave people a way of signaling their travel preferences and senior leader communications gave overt permission for people to choose whether to travel.

The impact

The campaign ran in 13 countries in 2022 and contributed to a 52% reduction in travel spend that year, compared with 2019.